We were the first company in Russia and the world to develop the exerciser, which can measure the force of kick in absolute quantities.

For a long time the attempts to construct such kind of device has been undertaken. But only in the beginning of the 21st century the new type censors appeared. They allowed us to build the machine, which really works.

The usage of double- and triple-axis accelerometers conceptually distincts IQ Strike exerciser for the analogues.
In course of time we will be able to modify our exerciser by means of reprogramming its’ microcontroller. This is possible because of continuous development of censors and new approaches to analysis of values.
Official Partner
Our official partner is the Russian biggest professional boxing and combat fitness center - “Academy of Box”.

The design of the exerciser and the implied measuring method is the invention, patented in Russian Federation. Their forgery and usage (fully or partially) in the construction of other devices without consent of the inventor is the infringement of copyright, subject to legal action.

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